Week 8 summary

So I think this week was a good week to ease us out of spring break. The pace was just enough. I’ve found it easier to start the week out with commenting, cause it get me working and motivated by seeing how far other people have come. It also helped me with the Inspire assignment, because by commenting, I also found pieces to add to the inspire page; such as “When Love Calls..”, “Marble Steps“, “A Challenge“, and “Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Per usual, we had to do three daily creates. Mine were Coffee Break, Schizophrenic… Sorta, and How To Give A Friendly Hug. I had the most fun doing the How To daily create poster.

But our biggest assignment this week was to build our characters. I made a twitter account for Lilah.

And to have a Twitter, she has to have a Gmail account. You can email her anytime with questions at lilah.valentinee84@gmail.com. And yes, that’s valentinee with TWO E’s. To take our characters further, we had to do 10 stars of collaborative assignments. And we got extra points for actually working with someone (which I did). I figured it’d be easiest to work with someone from my radio show group, since we’re already familiar with each others characters and how to work as a group. Patrick Boyle, with his character Rex, agreed to work with me. As stated in one of my past posts, Rex is a macho sleaze-bag and Lilah’s a needy former prostitute, so we only found it fitting to have them in an unhealthy relationship. To showcase how unhealthy it really is, we did the Who Called? assignment, showing the usual interactions between Rex and Lilah. Then I suggested doing the Most Wanted poster where, summarizing, Lilah discover’s Rex is now the most wanted so she skips town. The last assignment was the Post Card assignment. Summarizing, again, I found an old cryptic not card and made the story that it was a page from Rex’s journal that Lilah found after she “split” town. See, Lilah has this talent to disappear into thin air, so she’s gone, but she never really left.

And that was my week :) I’m excited to delve deeper into my character and see how she develops

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