Week 6 Summary

I started my week off with a healthy dose of Audio Assignments. I started by working on Leave It To Who? in lieu of my character Delilah Valentine. It took me forever to find a free download for the theme music, but I did eventually find it. I wouldn’t recommend the site however, cause it gave a virus to my computer. Any ways, were I was going with that, was that so far, I’ve been making Delilah seem picture perfect but, like everyone, she has a dark side. So I incorporated that into the theme music by using the fade in, fade out, and silence tools. Oh, and I won’t forget the amplify tool. My other project I did was Creep. This one was my favorite project to work on. I actually had no idea where to start, so I just found ominous background music. I then took it down the stalker road and tidied it up with some screams and heavy breathing. I finished off my stars with Evil Kitty Soundtrack. This one was more of a fun one, and I got inspired my an old-fashioned ringtone. It sounded like a bomb, or an intense scene. When choosing the picture for Soundcloud, it reminded me of a Daily Create I did called Evil Kitty. I pictured this ringtone becoming the sound effects for the explosion and keyboard.

This week, we had to  comment on 10 people’s blogs. I did and have the link here. The mistake I made with this was not keeping track of whose blog I posted on, so when it came time to put the links in a post, I had to tediously sift through a bunch of comments and posts, but I did it :)

I tweeted along to the radioshow Red Wine and the Ripper, or something like that. One of my tweets was favorited :)

Now for our radioshow, we got into our groups on Wednesday. Our group calls themselves the Most Wanted.  We planned a group meeting for the weekend, but it was so last minute that I couldn’t make it. I still got the meeting through a recording they did, and got the radio show progress. You can listen to the group meeting though a link posted on my radio show progress post. But have no fear, we’re scheduling at least one more meeting, and I can make it so I’ll be officially caught up.

I’m super excited for this radio show, and I’m also super excited to be the narrator :) That’s all!

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