Week 5 Already?!

This week was much better, and much more relaxed for me than last wee. I’d say my favorite part of the week was doing the Design Assignments. But we’ll get to that later.

I started backwards this week, educating myself about Copyrights. The issue about copyrights runs so much deeper than plagiarism, and this little assignment opened my eyes to that. I then read (or if I’m completely honest, ended up scanning) the Vignelli Cannon. It reminded me of studying composition in art, and it made a lot of sense and put design into a creative, logical viewpoint. I kept all of this in mind while doing my Design Blitz. I had tons of fun walking around the Spotsylvania Mall. It was like I knew this secret that let me see through what all those advertisers were trying to sell me. Flikr, for some reason, has become complicated. It won’t let me access without a Yahoo account, and I can’t remember my login or access information, and it won’t let me login through Facebook or Google so yeah. I just uploaded it straight to my blog. Along with my Daily Creates. Although I did share one to twitter

On my blog, I called this one Peace. I also did Apples to Oranges, and Superbrains. I explain my reasons for these in the original posts. For my movie, I picked Blade Runner, because my in my first semester, I studied the book in English and remembered enjoying it.

Now for my favorite part. Design Assignments. My first Assignment, I started out with a challenge and did Delilah’s Wallpaper. I dedicated this one to my character. I imagined her taking a digital studies class in college (sound familiar?) and she loved the class so much, that she made a wallpaper with a photoshop she found online and felt inspired my Noir. The other assignment I dedicated to my character was the license challenge, and I called it Delilah’s License. I think that’s pretty self explanatory, but I also used a free photoshop and images off of Google. I picked this assignment because I thought it’d be a perfect fit to build my character. My last one I did because of the stars, and I thought it’d be fun. I called it Groom Groom. I made a reference to the Walking Dead quote “Where’s Carl?”. Now I’m not that big of a Walking Dead fan, but my little sister’s obsessed with it, so it kind of grew on me. My knowledge of Groom had nothing to do with my movie/t.v show choice, except for the fact that I thought it’s be different to make him into a zombie.

I’ve been brainstorming some assignment ideas, but realize that time is quickly running out so I need to pick two. I plan to have the wrinkles ironed out by the ed of this week. I’m thinking of just doing the tutorials for my own ideas, but I’m not ready to think about that right now.

So overall, this week has been enlightening. I loved the pace and level of intensity.

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