Week 4…

I’m not gonna lie, this week has been really rough. Since last Friday, I’ve been battling strep, an ear infection, sinus infection, and a head cold. This is where an online class becomes a life saver, cause while I’ve had to miss my other classes, I’ve managed to stay mostly on top of this class… right?

But enough of my sob story, lets talk some classwork. I started the week with my audio evaluation of theme music verses background noise. It got me amped to dive into audio storytelling. I also thankfully played around with Audacity in the beginning of the week, so I got used to it early on. We got a break this week and only had… get this… TWO Daily Creates. I chose Nature and Puppies (cause who doesn’t need more of that in their life), and my personal favorite from this week, Raindrop on a Sunny Day.

Now my website ran into some issues loading soundtracks from soundcloud. For some reason, it would freeze my entire computer screen and I’d have to shut down my entire computer to access my website again. A little back story, my computer got a virus that attached itself to Google Chrome earlier this week, so this may have be somewhat of the aftermath. Who knows. Anyways, I spent most of my time on my No Voice Story; mainly cause I was getting used to Audacity. I dedicated it to Delilah, giving a glimpse into her college experience. Not her personal experience, but just a “conversation” she eavesdropped in on one day while eating lunch. For the rest of my audio assignments, I did SURPRISE! the assignment about creating emotions out of sounds/sound effects. The last one was a fun, easier one I chose called You Tell Me? where I whistled a song. But you have to guess what this song is… hence the title.

My final project was the Radio Bumper. I juxtaposed the old-timey feel of Noir, with a modern twist for the era we’re studying it in. It was also the most challenging. I found it hard not to make it cheesy, and it was hard to keep the flow going. I’m still not sure I ended it good…

Now, as for my radio show idea… well

Now Professor Burtis, I know you already have seen my idea and love it! But my other classmates haven’t responded, so… but then again, I admit I haven’t been the best this week at responding to posts so.

I’ve learned a lot this week. Like how much can go wrong when you start messing around with noise. But like I mentioned in my blog post, you NEED to have theme music and background noise in order to have an interesting movie, show, play, etc. So it was definitely worth fighting through and gaining the skill.


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