wow…. I’m insecure

I had my interview today with Professor Burtis. And man, those questions were probing. I ended up feeling very insecure (But that’s a personal problem. I have low self-esteem). My favorite question was probably the blender question. And talking about my favorite dish made me hungry, so shortly after the interview, I made me some shrimp and macaroni :)

I downloaded everything to the 4K video down-loader and edited and spliced everything into one whole video. I used the camera on my computer to record, and it was amazing, it kept all of my recorded videos in order. What I did was I listened to the question, paused it and switched to my computer camera and hit record. I would then hit the “import media” button in iMovie and uploaded the recently recorded video. I went through that process for all ten questions and after I did that I multi-spliced the videos and made them cohesive. I chose to do Burtis’s questions because she’s my professor for this class so.

3 thoughts on “wow…. I’m insecure”

  1. I think you completed the assignment well, and I liked your answers. Dodging the first was quite tactful.

    I do have a couple suggestions, though.

    If you could upload your responses to a service, that would be wonderful. Having to download the large video file was kind of a drag.

    You could use iMovie(mac) or Movie Maker (Windows) if there’s another assignment like this one. I was getting rather distracted from the pop-up created by your trial software.

    Otherwise, good work! I look forward to working with you.

    1. This was the one thing giving me difficulties last week. I tried uploading it to VImeo about 3 different times, and each time it failed to download. Apparently it’s not a valid video… with an Error 910

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