Week 11 Summary

Well. I’m glad I got into a group like suggested. It was a scramble, but it worked out great! I’m with Deliah and Spencer, and we’re part of the Stirrup Trouble agency. Deliah’s the manager and Spencers a coworker. I submitted my resume at the beginning of the week, and received an answer in the form of a business card just two days later! My first assignment was to solve the case of the missing bananas…. yeah, I know. Then I was asked to do a follow up task of making a wanted poster for the president… please don’t ask, it’s been a rough first week.

On top of this, I had 2 Daily Creates and 10 Comments to keep us in touch with reality.

I feel really good about this week. Our Website is coming together nicely. I have some hard-working people in my group to keep up with, so I’m excited. Side note, I made the “portfolio” part a category instead of a page, in case you think it’s not there. It is, I promise.

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