Design is something I’m very familiar with, in the artistic sense. The golden ratio, contrast, open and closed composition, just to name a few phrases. But Vignelli educated me on what the essence of design is, and how to apply it to books and the digital world. So words like, type face, flush left, flush right, and justified were new to me.

While I like how he broke down design into almost a science.┬áBut design isn’t something you can really “teach” someone. Its something that comes through practice, and it’s something you don’t end up thinking about. You just sort of have to know it when you see it. But Vignelli gives great guidance.

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  1. I’m always interested in where a good “design sense” comes from. I wonder how much if can be learned/taught and how much is innate. As an art student, what do you see as the relationship between design and art? (

    1. “Art” is more like an idea or concept, and design is the means of expressing it. For example, two people draw the same subject, say a cat. One person draws it very detailed and accurate. It has ears, eyes, and fur, it’s sitting in the majestic way cats normally do, and it’s staring into your soul dead center in the middle of the page sketched in pencil. The other person also draws the same cat, except this one’s lazily laying on a couch, off center with one eye closed, and they sketched the whole thing in various shades of blue, yellow, and pink. The difference between person 1 and person 2 is that person 2 ditched the icon that represents cats in our society, and replaced it with contrast, an open composition , and expression of a specific emotion. In other words, design. In the art world, we call it composition, but the two words share the same concept.

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