Design Blitz


Color; this department store manipulated our society’s take on color to organize their store. You can clearly tell where the girls section is by the overwhelming pink and white. And in the boys section, you’ll find tons of blues and browns, plus a lovely picture of a rugged mountainside. While we seem to detest stereotypes, they’re there for a reason. Because they’re effective and help us organize, strictly in an advertisement sense.


Minimalism and use of space; they utilized this concept because of the small holding case and the fact that it was outside of the store. They filled the empty space with stripes, which is the boldest pattern you can use and manipulate. It fills the space using minimal design, and the fact that the advertisement is for presidents day, ties it in. In order to use minimal space effectively, however, you NEED to also use contrast and repetition.


Balance; the circle is one of the most balanced, perfect geometrical figures out there. The text above and below the F accentuates the circular balance, and the three red and green circles around the sides completes it. And the F dead center of the sign adds even more appeal


Rhythm; I interpreted rhythm to mean motion. And this poster definitely has motion. The wave-thing behind him causes your eye to move around the poster, and working in tandem with his arms to constantly bring your eyes back around to the shirt.

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