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Post Card Assignment (4 1/2 stars)

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So the assignment here was to find an existing post card/card/note and create your own story surrounding it. This card was discovered by this guy who found it in his Grandmothers belongings. It was a cryptic letter that’s taken him 20 years to figure out the pattern. The pattern is that she uses the first letter of every word, which is a challenge to decipher because there are so many different words that the letters could stand for. Well this is my interpretation of one of the sentences for my character Delilah and Patrick’s character Rex.

Please don’t go. Never has beauty or brains vexed, plagued, nor shook; never has a nightingale avenged originality.

So basically, building off of our other assignments, Delilah was threatening to leave Rex, and it stressed him out. Rex journals about his feelings and thoughts, but he’s a private man so he codes them. Delilah found this page ripped out and thrown in his trashcan, and she’s trying to decipher what it says.

I found this letter┬áby typing in “old mysterious letters” in the Google search engine, and hitting images. To find out the back story, I clicked on the link next to the picture. I then took the picture and put it in this post :) The hard part was creating the sentence to make the letter unique to Rex and Lilah. It was HARD, and that was only one sentence. I can’t imagine trying to do the whole letter