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Most Wanted (2 1/2 stars)

wanted poster


For our other collaborative assignment we did the “Most Wanted” assignment. Lilah and Rex have been partners in crime, except this time, Rex and Lilah got caught, at least Rex did. And now the word is out and Rex is in trouble. Lilah sees this and splits, waning to save her own skin.

I found this poster template off of Google, and uploaded it to Pixlr. We used twitter to communicate, and Patrick found the picture and emailed it to me to use for the poster. So apparently that’s what Rex looks like. The place for the picture in the poster didn’t fit with the picture I was given, so I used the clone stamp tool to recreate the pattern on the poster and age the writing to blend in with the rest of the poster. I then emailed it to Patrick for him to use in his post.