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Radio Show Poster

wanted posterI chose a most wanted poster with a mirror in the place the picture usually is placed. Not only do I not want to spoil the plot, I mainly did it so you see yourself, implying that you’d be next. I used pixlr, and got a most wanted poster template off of Google, and then messed around with the photoshop to create a mirror surface. To do that, you use a gradient tool and get the colors, use white and grey white. Then you take the brush tool and enlarge it, bring down it’s opacity to about 14, make sure it’s set to blurred edges, and go click my click to make a reflection. I then opened up my frame and unlocked the background and then used the wand tool to select the center of the frame and then the surrounding background. After selecting I used the erase tool and the wand tool allowed me to erase everything except for the frame. I then cut and pasted and custom fit the frame to the existing square. Then wa-la!