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When Love Calls…



I used a quote from an original poem by Janelle Pierangelino and the other person she worked with. I chose the quote“.. the waging war between logic and passion” . This inspires my by getting my to think. Life does often make you choose between logic and passion, never finding a happy medium. Everyone argues passion is the better side, and that logic holds you back. But that’s a misconception. While passion and logic can never coexist, they can work in tandem. Passion motivates while logic makes things possible. It’s training yourself to exercise both an equal amount that will move you forward in life.

This quote inspired my Zen, self reflective moment. Bam. Inspired

A Challenge

For one of my inspiration pieces I chose to use a What’s the Error? assignment. My computer crashed while I was originally trying to write this post, so I lost the original link to the inspire page, but I did upload it. Anyways… I chose this, unconventional piece of work to be part of my inspiration not because of WHAT it inspires me to do, but more of HOW it inspires me. I’ve never been good at these things, but I still like doing them because of the challenge that it gives me.

radio-show-compare-pictures (1)


This inspires me to push my own abilities, and even though it’s hard, it’s how I learn and better myself as an individual.