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Radio Reflections

So I didn’t particularly enjoy the end result of this. I think If I had a second try at this then it would’ve been better. I learned to reference names more in the script, and the editing needed to flow better. But from the feedback, the sound effects were on point! I enjoyed developing my character and working with people :)

Some advice, keep your group small and meet up WAY before the final project is due. Get organized from the beginning , and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses, along with their schedules, because meeting as a group for an online class is VERY difficult. People take online classes for a reason, because they don’t have the extra time to take out of their day to accommodate to a class. Half of my members were BLS students; a bachelor’s program for the career adult, so they had children and/or careers that, quite honestly, take priority over a group meeting. Just some things to keep in mind.