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We formed our group (Most Wanted) an early Wednesday morning. We communicated using Twitter, and somewhat email. We talked all Thursday about meeting and decided on Saturday at UMW campus at like, 12:30. Unfortunately the day and time didn’t match up with my schedule, so I was debriefed later that day. The plot, I gathered, was based off of the Killers Kiss. My character, Delilah Valentine, gets killed off within the first 5 minutes, so I become the narrator. A different character is getting hunted, so they’re the “most wanted”, and there’s a lot of death. They uploaded the meeting to soundcloud to listen to, so if my summary wasn’t clear or detailed enough, you can listen to the meeting yourself here. We scheduled another meeting for next Wednesday, and I’ve been emailing work so everything’s coming together.

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  1. Hey, I like your poster. I’m sorry the meeting didn’t work with your schedule. I was hoping the recording would help, in theory your narration would keep the character in the story still by adding her observations to the story. :/ maybe we missed the mark with that. If you can make it Weds. we can work out some of the details

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