Mid-Week Radio Show Progress

So. Big news, my group decided to change our idea completely. Mainly because we have a time-traveling character, and the original idea we just couldn’t make work. So we’re now doing my original idea…… a Clue! radio show!! It’s based off of Clue the movie,with all of our characters being blackmailed etc, etc. Obviously we put our own twists on it, but I’m excited. I know another group is also doing Clue, but the plot fit best with all our characters, and we had a couple HUGE fans of the movie, so we hope this won’t be an issue. Cause once we changed the story, we got the general dialogue done in one siting, along with where we’re placing commercial breaks. I suggested making most of the dialogue improvisation because It’ll flow more naturally and save us some time. Another member of our group loves working with sounds, and has a great radio voice, so she volunteered to make the sound effects and bumpers. We still don’t know how to fit the time traveling part of the one persons character into our story, so I believe that’ll be our biggest challenge. My other group members (the ones I’ve met at least) have been awesome. Everyone’s easy-going, and contributes great ideas and solutions to the project. We’ll be doing our last recording on Saturday, and I’m ready┬áto see what comes out of it :)

5 thoughts on “Mid-Week Radio Show Progress”

  1. This sounds like a cool idea! Clue is such a fun storyline, it’ll be great to hear how your characters play out that scenario. I’m especially excited to hear the time travel aspect. Good luck getting everything done, can’t wait to hear it!

  2. This sounds very interesting. I’m curious to see how both groups using the Clue idea will differ from each other. Also, the time traveler idea is really cool! If it is like Clue and they time travel, you could have that person know who the killer is, but they can be mysterious or maybe even deceitful in how they reveal that information. Could cause some drama :o. I’m not sure how you could do that, but I like how a time traveler is a part of your show. Can’t wait to hear the show you guys come up with!

  3. I love Clue so much! This seems like a great idea. I also think it’s so interesting that you’re going to do improvisation. I was initially pushing for that in my group, but we found it a little to difficult in order to maintain our storyline, and we ended up making a script. Did you find it difficult for everyone to keep up a steady plot while improving?

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