week 2 in a nutshell

This week started out with MLK DAY! (or as I like to call it, milk day). I looked over what we needed to read and thought “Man. Maybe this is a typo and they meant week 2 AND 3″. Once I started though, I fell into the trap. It was actually becoming ENJOYABLE.

Like the daily creates. I enjoy those and am finding myself looking forward to them. The reading was LONG, but once I would start a story, I wouldn’t put it down. My favorite story was the Wild Party, just because the author managed to do the WHOLE thing in poem form. From that came one of my weekly assignments I called My Wild Party. I enjoyed that assignment so I decided to try it again, creating¬†“Don’t drop the soap… and other shower horrors.” based off of Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock movie. The one I picked to dedicate to my character, Delilah Valentine, was a visual assignment where I had to make a collage telling a story. And the last of my visual assignments I did for kicks and giggles was called RUN FORREST RUN!!¬†The readings, as I stated before, were long. But I came out of it feeling cultured, and I’m beginning to recognize different Noir undertones in movies today. You can get my full and detailed opinion here.

As for participation, I will admit, posting on someone else’s blog for the first time felt intimidating (and honestly, slightly intrusive), but I finally did, and it wasn’t that bad. In fact, now that I’ve been posting to the different social media sites, I find that more people are posting on my stuff, leaving encouragement and constructive criticize.

Writing Noir

This week, we read A LOT of Noir. It was gripping, dark, and all contained a murder motif. The females were all hyper-sexualized and broke the traditional female characteristics of the time. Instead of being prim,unkempt, and prudish they were gritty and promiscuous (all had a hinted preference for S&M sexual preferance).The men fell into extremely masculine roles and the foil for the antagonist was usually another male.
Noir style is defiant of the cultural dynamics everyone was desperately tying to convey. As people, we have this sick craving for the twisted human nature. We become addicted to the shock and marvel at how cold the human heart can be,especially if the culture surrounding you is trying to give the appearance of put-together and innocent. The creators of Noir recognized this and appealed to our need for some perversion. This subject material is very controversial, but yet the style is still around. In fact, very popular film and T.V shows are based directly from Noir. It’s a brilliant style and took cahones to make, but it’s become the most important revolution to American film and culture to date.

Delilah Valentine

PicMonkey Collage

This post is dedicated to Delilah Valentine, my character for my semester. It explains what hippotherapy is, and if my character was to be played by any actress/performer, it’d be Taylor swift (as long as she dyed her hair black and kept it natural). Delilah’s story is a simple one. She’s a Spanish-American gypsy who spent her childhood traveling the plains of Iowa. At 15, she was exiled from the gypsy community because of her faith, and spent the rest of her teenage years working at a horse ranch and getting her education. She graduated from UI and used her horse background to become a hippotherapist (a therapist who uses horses to help aid in therapy with the mentally disabled)

My Wild Party

A book about the corruption of the roari’n 20’s, a New York party ends in tradgedy.

Burrs finds Queenie and Black together and attempts to shoot him out of jealousy, but Black ends up shooting Burrs and there’s an abrupt ending.

Burrs should’ve found Queenie and Black together and done nothing, just walked away leaving Queenie seething. Then she shoots Burrs and herself leaving Black completely alone

I believe this ending highlights the dysfunctional relationship between Burrs and Queenie. I still like the abrupt ending, but having Black and Queenie live just leaves too many unanswered questions

Don’t drop the soap….. and other shower horrors

I’ve always loved myself a good suspense, psychological thriller. Never gory though. I took anatomy in high school so I can see how much producers exaggerate the violence and give the killer super-human strength. But give me a good psychological thriller and I’m scared to walk through a dark hallway. ANYWAYS… the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock is about a woman named Marion Crane running away with $40,000 entrusted to her by her employer. After running away with the money and spending a long day on the road, she stays the night at a Bate’s motel. Long story short, the guy who owns it is crazy, kills everyone but the cop who arrests him, and thinks he’s his dead mother.

Bates is sitting in the interrogation room, after asking for a blanket. You’re inside his head and he’s thinking like his mom. It closes the scene with him thinking “I wouldn’t hurt a fly…”

We need to go all the way back to where Marion’s sister discovers the secret. She should’ve found the dead boy of the officer that was murdered and been looking for Bates instead of Mrs. Bates. She gets ambushed by Bates (dressed as Mrs.Bates) and flees into the cellar where she finds the real Mrs. Bates body. She does get stabbed, but it’s not fatal because the detective comes in and subdues him. He takes the sister to the hospital, bringing Bates into the car with him. Bates hits the detective over the head and drops both the detective and the sister off on the side of the road and drives off.

I believe the original ending, while good, was a little anti-climactic. I had the TV show “Criminal Minds” and this show was the inspiration for my ending



My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. The main character, Forrest’s attitude to life is so simple, it reminds me to stop over-thinking and just live. I choose the sunset in reference to Lion King because Hakuna Matata is essentially saying “life is like a box of chocolates”.I used a free photoshop online and searched through hundreds of Forrest Gump scenes and landed on the scene of him running, because that’s the one scene I find most impossible about that movie (plus I always cringe because I have exercised induced asthma). I was trying to think of something ironic or subtle, And ended up with Lion King. I originally had the idea of taking a scene from the Walking Dead and placing Marilyn Monroe in the fight scene, but I realized neither of these were movies so I ditched the idea… for now ;)

Evil Kitty


So this 20 min project took longer than 20 min… While working with a lame version of Photoshop (hey, it was free) I enjoyed the tedious cutting, pasting, erasing, moving layers, etc. And for some reason, I link kittens with world domination (shout-out to Cats and Dogs movie). The backstory is that he’s a forgotten NASA send-out. He got acquainted with the locals and plotted revenge for the fame of Laika