My 3 daily creates… as lilah



For one of my Daily Creates I chose the finger painting one. I took a Sharpie and colored my left index finger with it. I recolored my finger for every petal I did. I made the stem with the residue of the ink left on my finger. Surprisingly, my favorite part of this is the water stained paper. I like to imagine that it’s rain for the flower


My other TDC I did this week was the tree art. I believe this one’s self explanatory, I took a picture of some trees, and did a negative of the picture. My favorite part of this is how the bark looks. It’s like a ghost tree.

reality check


Now this quote is not meant to be a bash on marriage. I just believe America’s romanticized marriage to the point that people go into it with too high of expectations. You can’t swear your life to someone with the expectation of feeling happy, relaxed, and elated 100% of the time. No, your flaws come out, along with your partners, and you WILL offend each other. If you’re only thinking about how the person makes YOU feel, of course you’re going to feel distant, cause that person will never be enough to fulfill your happiness. Signs of a healthy marriage are trust, making efforts to communicate, mutual self-sacrifice, and a relationship that means more than the relationship its self.

6 thoughts on “My 3 daily creates… as lilah”

  1. 1st of all, totally agree with your point on marriage… too many people are making it just something to do instead of a life commitment, but that’s something I could go on and on about! I loved all your daily creates, especially the water stained paper one, I like the look when water causes stuff to run generally! Good job!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I especially like your point about marriage. It can be a challenge, but it can be worth it if you take the time and realize how important the other person is and you make an effort.

  3. I really like how the colors are reversed on the tree art (that the bark is white and the background is dark). It makes the picture really breath-taking.

  4. I love all of your daily creates! I also really appreciate how you put your thought process and artistic process with each of them. And I completely agree with what you had to say about marriage…I see that being something so essential in a marriage. Great job!!

  5. The finger painting flower looks like something that could go on the walls in my bar! It’s the perfect kind of dark, pained art. Wish it was for sale!

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