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So how I plan to rescue Noddy is to set everything on fire. It’s better to put him out of his misery instead of staying in that dumpster.

I used Pixlr and found fire to put around him. I was going for irony when I made this, so please don’t think I’m a pyromaniac.


The other Daily create I did was one where I talked to a stranger. For some reason, strangers love talking to me. If they’re not lying to me, I can generally feel comfortable. But this guy who talked to me about Peaches, I felt like he was making stuff up. And it made me uncomfortable. But that’s honestly not the strangest story I have. I worked at Kings Dominion for a summer so …

4 thoughts on “Daily Creates”

  1. Oh no! Poor Noddy! But it may be for the best. I’m not sure how he was going to get out of there. Your plan is a tad dark, but that is how I like it! The short story about that conversation is too funny.
    Jewel out.

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