Wanted Poster (2.5 stars)

So never mind, it wasn’t just initiation. She was being dead serious. I just had to make a wanted poster for the president. Yes, you heard me. A wanted poster for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Find my original report here. This is getting ridiculous. If I didn’t need the cash, I’d quit before I was in too deep, but that doesn’t look possible, so now I’m just praying the FBI doesn’t hunt me down for like, terrorism or something. I love America, I swear!

So I used Pixlr to make this assignment. I had a wanted poster template already on my computer, so I used it. I had to edit out the “dead or alive” part, cause even though this posterĀ isn’t serious, someone searching the internet could take it seriously, and you have to be really careful about what you post about the President. So I used the clone stamp tool and covered up most of the original text, then used the text tool and made my own. I attempted to make it a little more satirical in voice so I talked about the bananas.

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