Valentine’s Resume (3 stars)

So I had applied to Stirrup Trouble today. I really hope my resume¬†will be good enough to get in, at least part-time. My hippotherapy company isn’t doing too well so I NEED the extra cash, and I refuse to go back to my old line of work. I’m also hoping my past doesn’t come back to haunt me…

So I used a “free” online resume maker. I use quotation marks because it’s not free to download and access, just to make. But they don’t tell you that… the only free service I could use was to share it to Twitter. So look me up @twitterbird841!

One thought on “Valentine’s Resume (3 stars)”

  1. I hate things that are ‘free’ like that, but aren’t really. Especially since you say that you need some extra cash right now, but according to this company you have to pay money to make money. Thanks for sharing what you came up with though!

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