Stirrup Business Card (2 stars)

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I think my application to Stirrup Trouble got accepted! I received a business card in the mail, which is huge because they keep their headquarters address and phone number secret from the general public. It make it easier to sift through cases and avoid drama and angry ex’s.

So I found another one of those “free” sites. But I’m figuring out ways around it so no complaints here :) It’s not like we’re a legit thing anyways so I’d feel more guilty for actually using their stuff for free. ANYways… I got to sift through a bunch of templates, but before I made my actual business card, they gave me the option to create a logo and have it saved to the account I opened with my second email. Then I made my actual business card using the logo they provided for me. It was really neat, all I had to do was type in the name, and the type of business I was in and it generated a ton of logos to choose form. And their formats for the cards were really cool. It would totally be worth the $9.50 if I was creating something legitimate. So yeah, it was cool capturing the essence of Stirrup Trouble in a business card.

6 thoughts on “Stirrup Business Card (2 stars)”

  1. I love your business card! It is not too crowded with information, which is good, and the pictures/logo work well with the overall design of the card. My only concern is that if Stirrup Trouble keeps their information secret, is it really a good idea to put all that contact info on the card on the internet? your call I guess. Great job!

  2. I really like your design! I think the building on the left hand side of the card is a nice touch. It looks very noir! I would want to hire you guys, if I didn’t already have my own agency.

  3. Love the font and design of this card! I could see this being a real business card. I like the design element on the side and bottom but enough blank space for you agency’s info. well done!

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