Conspiracy Theory (3 stars)

Oh my gosh, my new managers is driving me crazy! She’s nice and all, it’s just there’s something a little off about her. Like, she had me investigating the case of her missing bananas! I swear, I’m convinced that she just forgot she ate them, but NOOO. “They’re missing”, she says. “Someone stole them” she says. I’m hoping this is just initiation, but I was sifting through her old “evidence” and came across some news clippings. That’s when my brilliant idea came up. To make up a conspiracy theory. So I made up that Obama’s an alien and he stole her banana’s cause he needed to get into office. The full report’s here. Well the sucking up worked cause she loved it. Now I’m hoping to move on to bigger cases, that actually exist…

It was a writing assignment, so the creation of it was pretty simple. I just looked up in Google key words in headlines I thought would be useful. Then I created my back story and wa-la! A conspiracy theory was made.


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