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Week 12 Summary

So delving right into detective work. We got hired by Bond to investigate a mysterious “Jack”. Well we were emailed evidence and shortly after had a group brainstorming session. We decided to divide and conquer, and spend this week investigating individuals, as individuals. We also came to the consensus of doing a video diary of our progress. We upload our entries onto our agency’s website, along with any evidence we might gather. I started by re-watching the video evidence, but this time I honed in on Black (she’s my assigned P.O.I). I promptly made an entry, but the evidence only raised more questions. I decided to turn up the heat, and since I had no grounds to bring her in for questioning, I tweeted a passive-aggressive tweet in Black’s direction

But unfortunately, this lead took me nowhere.

And then something suspicious happened. I received an email from a phony email address, with no subject. The email was of three blurry pictures. I’ve been studying them, and may have something, but I need to run things by my crazy boss lady before making anything official.

On a different note, I’ve been working on my assignment and daily create ideas. The first one I came up with was Digital Diary, and yes, I’ve been basing these ideas off of the work I’m doing for this case. ANYways, I gave that one 5 stars. The other one I did I called Blackmail, which I gave 2 stars. And the Daily create suggestion I made was called Hideous Selfie, where basically you upload a hideous selfie of yourself and we have our own little ugly face game.


Week 10 Summary

WOW. Who knew 15 stars would be so challenging. Along with my 3 daily creates as lilah, and my 10 comments I was booked. Plus I had the pressure of making a decision for my final project, and the interview with Professor Burtis. All together, it gave me a panic attack.

Well for my 15 stars, I started with a movie trailer mash up I called Psychotic Notebook. I followed with Monroe Montage, Nightmares, and Highlight Reels.

I divided and conquered to get all my stuff done. And I overcame A LOT of technical difficulties. So I’m pretty happy with myself

Lilah Letter

Week 8 summary

So I think this week was a good week to ease us out of spring break. The pace was just enough. I’ve found it easier to start the week out with commenting, cause it get me working and motivated by seeing how far other people have come. It also helped me with the Inspire assignment, because by commenting, I also found pieces to add to the inspire page; such as “When Love Calls..”, “Marble Steps“, “A Challenge“, and “Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Per usual, we had to do three daily creates. Mine were Coffee Break, Schizophrenic… Sorta, and How To Give A Friendly Hug. I had the most fun doing the How To daily create poster.

But our biggest assignment this week was to build our characters. I made a twitter account for Lilah.

And to have a Twitter, she has to have a Gmail account. You can email her anytime with questions at And yes, that’s valentinee with TWO E’s. To take our characters further, we had to do 10 stars of collaborative assignments. And we got extra points for actually working with someone (which I did). I figured it’d be easiest to work with someone from my radio show group, since we’re already familiar with each others characters and how to work as a group. Patrick Boyle, with his character Rex, agreed to work with me. As stated in one of my past posts, Rex is a macho sleaze-bag and Lilah’s a needy former prostitute, so we only found it fitting to have them in an unhealthy relationship. To showcase how unhealthy it really is, we did the Who Called? assignment, showing the usual interactions between Rex and Lilah. Then I suggested doing the Most Wanted poster where, summarizing, Lilah discover’s Rex is now the most wanted so she skips town. The last assignment was the Post Card assignment. Summarizing, again, I found an old cryptic not card and made the story that it was a page from Rex’s journal that Lilah found after she “split” town. See, Lilah has this talent to disappear into thin air, so she’s gone, but she never really left.

And that was my week :) I’m excited to delve deeper into my character and see how she develops

Weekly Summary

So. Even though we had three Daily Creates and Ten Comments, and Radio Show Progress, my week was still pretty packed. We had our RADIO SHOW!! we called ours Dinner at 6:00 o’clock

We had last minute updating that had to happen, and it didn’t happen till, like 11:00 so that’s why I’m a little later than usual with this. I never realized how much had to be put into a radio show. Oh, and my Twitter like, blew up. But all in all, we did good I think.

Week 6 Summary

I started my week off with a healthy dose of Audio Assignments. I started by working on Leave It To Who? in lieu of my character Delilah Valentine. It took me forever to find a free download for the theme music, but I did eventually find it. I wouldn’t recommend the site however, cause it gave a virus to my computer. Any ways, were I was going with that, was that so far, I’ve been making Delilah seem picture perfect but, like everyone, she has a dark side. So I incorporated that into the theme music by using the fade in, fade out, and silence tools. Oh, and I won’t forget the amplify tool. My other project I did was Creep. This one was my favorite project to work on. I actually had no idea where to start, so I just found ominous background music. I then took it down the stalker road and tidied it up with some screams and heavy breathing. I finished off my stars with Evil Kitty Soundtrack. This one was more of a fun one, and I got inspired my an old-fashioned ringtone. It sounded like a bomb, or an intense scene. When choosing the picture for Soundcloud, it reminded me of a Daily Create I did called Evil Kitty. I pictured this ringtone becoming the sound effects for the explosion and keyboard.

This week, we had to  comment on 10 people’s blogs. I did and have the link here. The mistake I made with this was not keeping track of whose blog I posted on, so when it came time to put the links in a post, I had to tediously sift through a bunch of comments and posts, but I did it :)

I tweeted along to the radioshow Red Wine and the Ripper, or something like that. One of my tweets was favorited :)

Now for our radioshow, we got into our groups on Wednesday. Our group calls themselves the Most Wanted.  We planned a group meeting for the weekend, but it was so last minute that I couldn’t make it. I still got the meeting through a recording they did, and got the radio show progress. You can listen to the group meeting though a link posted on my radio show progress post. But have no fear, we’re scheduling at least one more meeting, and I can make it so I’ll be officially caught up.

I’m super excited for this radio show, and I’m also super excited to be the narrator :) That’s all!

Week 5 Already?!

This week was much better, and much more relaxed for me than last wee. I’d say my favorite part of the week was doing the Design Assignments. But we’ll get to that later.

I started backwards this week, educating myself about Copyrights. The issue about copyrights runs so much deeper than plagiarism, and this little assignment opened my eyes to that. I then read (or if I’m completely honest, ended up scanning) the Vignelli Cannon. It reminded me of studying composition in art, and it made a lot of sense and put design into a creative, logical viewpoint. I kept all of this in mind while doing my Design Blitz. I had tons of fun walking around the Spotsylvania Mall. It was like I knew this secret that let me see through what all those advertisers were trying to sell me. Flikr, for some reason, has become complicated. It won’t let me access without a Yahoo account, and I can’t remember my login or access information, and it won’t let me login through Facebook or Google so yeah. I just uploaded it straight to my blog. Along with my Daily Creates. Although I did share one to twitter

On my blog, I called this one Peace. I also did Apples to Oranges, and Superbrains. I explain my reasons for these in the original posts. For my movie, I picked Blade Runner, because my in my first semester, I studied the book in English and remembered enjoying it.

Now for my favorite part. Design Assignments. My first Assignment, I started out with a challenge and did Delilah’s Wallpaper. I dedicated this one to my character. I imagined her taking a digital studies class in college (sound familiar?) and she loved the class so much, that she made a wallpaper with a photoshop she found online and felt inspired my Noir. The other assignment I dedicated to my character was the license challenge, and I called it Delilah’s License. I think that’s pretty self explanatory, but I also used a free photoshop and images off of Google. I picked this assignment because I thought it’d be a perfect fit to build my character. My last one I did because of the stars, and I thought it’d be fun. I called it Groom Groom. I made a reference to the Walking Dead quote “Where’s Carl?”. Now I’m not that big of a Walking Dead fan, but my little sister’s obsessed with it, so it kind of grew on me. My knowledge of Groom had nothing to do with my movie/t.v show choice, except for the fact that I thought it’s be different to make him into a zombie.

I’ve been brainstorming some assignment ideas, but realize that time is quickly running out so I need to pick two. I plan to have the wrinkles ironed out by the ed of this week. I’m thinking of just doing the tutorials for my own ideas, but I’m not ready to think about that right now.

So overall, this week has been enlightening. I loved the pace and level of intensity.

Week 4…

I’m not gonna lie, this week has been really rough. Since last Friday, I’ve been battling strep, an ear infection, sinus infection, and a head cold. This is where an online class becomes a life saver, cause while I’ve had to miss my other classes, I’ve managed to stay mostly on top of this class… right?

But enough of my sob story, lets talk some classwork. I started the week with my audio evaluation of theme music verses background noise. It got me amped to dive into audio storytelling. I also thankfully played around with Audacity in the beginning of the week, so I got used to it early on. We got a break this week and only had… get this… TWO Daily Creates. I chose Nature and Puppies (cause who doesn’t need more of that in their life), and my personal favorite from this week, Raindrop on a Sunny Day.

Now my website ran into some issues loading soundtracks from soundcloud. For some reason, it would freeze my entire computer screen and I’d have to shut down my entire computer to access my website again. A little back story, my computer got a virus that attached itself to Google Chrome earlier this week, so this may have be somewhat of the aftermath. Who knows. Anyways, I spent most of my time on my No Voice Story; mainly cause I was getting used to Audacity. I dedicated it to Delilah, giving a glimpse into her college experience. Not her personal experience, but just a “conversation” she eavesdropped in on one day while eating lunch. For the rest of my audio assignments, I did SURPRISE! the assignment about creating emotions out of sounds/sound effects. The last one was a fun, easier one I chose called You Tell Me? where I whistled a song. But you have to guess what this song is… hence the title.

My final project was the Radio Bumper. I juxtaposed the old-timey feel of Noir, with a modern twist for the era we’re studying it in. It was also the most challenging. I found it hard not to make it cheesy, and it was hard to keep the flow going. I’m still not sure I ended it good…

Now, as for my radio show idea… well

Now Professor Burtis, I know you already have seen my idea and love it! But my other classmates haven’t responded, so… but then again, I admit I haven’t been the best this week at responding to posts so.

I’ve learned a lot this week. Like how much can go wrong when you start messing around with noise. But like I mentioned in my blog post, you NEED to have theme music and background noise in order to have an interesting movie, show, play, etc. So it was definitely worth fighting through and gaining the skill.