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wow…. I’m insecure

I had my interview today with Professor Burtis. And man, those questions were probing. I ended up feeling very insecure (But that’s a personal problem. I have low self-esteem). My favorite question was probably the blender question. And talking about my favorite dish made me hungry, so shortly after the interview, I made me some shrimp and macaroni :)

I downloaded everything to the 4K video down-loader and edited and spliced everything into one whole video. I used the camera on my computer to record, and it was amazing, it kept all of my recorded videos in order. What I did was I listened to the question, paused it and switched to my computer camera and hit record. I would then hit the “import media” button in iMovie and uploaded the recently recorded video. I went through that process for all ten questions and after I did that I multi-spliced the videos and made them cohesive. I chose to do Burtis’s questions because she’s my professor for this class so.

A Challenge

For one of my inspiration pieces I chose to use a What’s the Error? assignment. My computer crashed while I was originally trying to write this post, so I lost the original link to the inspire page, but I did upload it. Anyways… I chose this, unconventional piece of work to be part of my inspiration not because of WHAT it inspires me to do, but more of HOW it inspires me. I’ve never been good at these things, but I still like doing them because of the challenge that it gives me.

radio-show-compare-pictures (1)


This inspires me to push my own abilities, and even though it’s hard, it’s how I learn and better myself as an individual.


I’ve broken out of my shell! Commenting has always been intimidating because you really put yourself out there, and your opinions on display. But I did it anyways!


Weekly Summary

So. Even though we had three Daily Creates and Ten Comments, and Radio Show Progress, my week was still pretty packed. We had our RADIO SHOW!! we called ours Dinner at 6:00 o’clock

We had last minute updating that had to happen, and it didn’t happen till, like 11:00 so that’s why I’m a little later than usual with this. I never realized how much had to be put into a radio show. Oh, and my Twitter like, blew up. But all in all, we did good I think.

More Posts

So this week, I focused my comments on people’s radio show’s familiarizing myself with different plots. I found this weeks commenting to be very interesting