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So I found commenting this week a little challenging, because people are posting their work in clusters all on Friday and Saturday (myself included). And I double dipped with comments a lot, on accident, but it was still helpful looking at other people’s work

Radio Listen

This group (The Noir Buzz) took a different approach to the assignment. They didn’t create a story, like a majority of us did, instead they did a gossip show (I think). It didn’t sound like there was a lot of original dialogue, a lot seemed to be made of music and movie clips. It was also short, because they had less people. A strong point, there was definitely good flow. Although the tagline “we’re back you sexy bitch” is a little awkward to have played on speaker when your dad and little sister in the same room :P Some improvements? I just felt a little jipped in the content. A lot of the time I felt I spent listening to music, and I love music, but it was still a lot for a radio show. Unless it was on purpose and they were supposed to be playing songs on the radio, in which case, ignore my critique.

Radio Reflections

So I didn’t particularly enjoy the end result of this. I think If I had a second try at this then it would’ve been better. I learned to reference names more in the script, and the editing needed to flow better. But from the feedback, the sound effects were on point! I enjoyed developing my character and working with people :)

Some advice, keep your group small and meet up WAY before the final project is due. Get organized from the beginning , and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses, along with their schedules, because meeting as a group for an online class is VERY difficult. People take online classes for a reason, because they don’t have the extra time to take out of their day to accommodate to a class. Half of my members were BLS students; a bachelor’s program for the career adult, so they had children and/or careers that, quite honestly, take priority over a group meeting. Just some things to keep in mind.

When Love Calls…



I used a quote from an original poem by Janelle Pierangelino and the other person she worked with. I chose the quote“.. the waging war between logic and passion” . This inspires my by getting my to think. Life does often make you choose between logic and passion, never finding a happy medium. Everyone argues passion is the better side, and that logic holds you back. But that’s a misconception. While passion and logic can never coexist, they can work in tandem. Passion motivates while logic makes things possible. It’s training yourself to exercise both an equal amount that will move you forward in life.

This quote inspired my Zen, self reflective moment. Bam. Inspired