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Daily Creates

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So how I plan to rescue Noddy is to set everything on fire. It’s better to put him out of his misery instead of staying in that dumpster.

I used Pixlr and found fire to put around him. I was going for irony when I made this, so please don’t think I’m a pyromaniac.


The other Daily create I did was one where I talked to a stranger. For some reason, strangers love talking to me. If they’re not lying to me, I can generally feel comfortable. But this guy who talked to me about Peaches, I felt like he was making stuff up. And it made me uncomfortable. But that’s honestly not the strangest story I have. I worked at Kings Dominion for a summer so …

My 3 daily creates… as lilah



For one of my Daily Creates I chose the finger painting one. I took a Sharpie and colored my left index finger with it. I recolored my finger for every petal I did. I made the stem with the residue of the ink left on my finger. Surprisingly, my favorite part of this is the water stained paper. I like to imagine that it’s rain for the flower


My other TDC I did this week was the tree art. I believe this one’s self explanatory, I took a picture of some trees, and did a negative of the picture. My favorite part of this is how the bark looks. It’s like a ghost tree.

reality check


Now this quote is not meant to be a bash on marriage. I just believe America’s romanticized marriage to the point that people go into it with too high of expectations. You can’t swear your life to someone with the expectation of feeling happy, relaxed, and elated 100% of the time. No, your flaws come out, along with your partners, and you WILL offend each other. If you’re only thinking about how the person makes YOU feel, of course you’re going to feel distant, cause that person will never be enough to fulfill your happiness. Signs of a healthy marriage are trust, making efforts to communicate, mutual self-sacrifice, and a relationship that means more than the relationship its self.

How to Give a Friendly Hug


  1. Pick out a stranger from a crowded place (parks are highly recommended).
  2. Establish eye contact. No matter how long this takes, you NEED them to realize you’re trying to make eye contact, otherwise the rest of our steps are going to just make you look creepy. And we don’t want that.
  3. After establishing eye contact, give a smile and slowly nod. This makes you look non-threatening. If they look away, don’t be discouraged, they’re just signaling to you that they may need a little push into friendliness
  4. Make a beeline for them. No matter whom you have to push out of the way, how fast you have to run, make it to them before they think you gave up on them.
  5. Once you reach your new friend, approach from behind them and wrap yourself around their upper torso. They may struggle, but that’s because they can’t see it’s you yet, so be understanding if at first they think you’re a stranger.
  6. Once successfully wrapped, you’ll want to whisper everything you want to say into their ear, just in case they’re their shy and don’t want attention drawn to them. Recommended phrases are “Wannna be friends?”, “Why hello. What’s your name?”, “I love you”, and “You’re my new destiny”

*this poster is NOT responsible for arrests, injuries, or lawsuits given to an individual following our instructions


So. I made this poster for the daily create. I believe it’s pretty self explainatory… I used Microsoft Word so there’s not much to detail

Schizophrenic… Sorta

PicMonkey Collage


My other daily create I’ve completed is the different sides of yourself Daily Create. My friend is an aspiring photographer, so one snow day we were bored so she gave me a mo hawk and did a photo shoot. The other one, the same friend and I were bored so we went to the mall and tried on dresses we wouldn’t normally pick out. I believe these do contrast each other, but I believe personalities are multi-dimensional, so I do have a part of these sides in me

Coffee Break



So for the highlight of my week, I chose to do something that daily lights up my day. Coffee. I wanted to sketch a bunch of gift cards but I couldn’t decide how to creatively do it. So I decided on coffee. I used Paint to create this….. unique cup of coffee. I used the marker tool and paint tool together. Then I used a circle shape with brown filling to create the “coffee”




The Daily Create was to take a picture of your foot on something. I thought immediately about putting my foot on someones head. It reminded me of someone conquering their foe, which is funny because I’m like 5”2′ and weigh 110Ib soaking wet, and the person in this picture is 6”2′ 150Ibs. So yeah, irony.