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Who Called (4 stars)


So for one of our collaborative assignments, me and Patrick chose to do the “Who Called? assignment.  My character was a prostitute, and is needy, and his character is macho and sleezy, so we decided that the interaction that most made sense is to make them in an unhealthy relationship. It’s obvious how unhealthy is is in this phone call. We used Google docs,Twitter, Audacity, and Soundcloud as our means for accomplishing this feat. We made the script using Google Docs, and then I recorded my half of the phone call in one long recording through Audacity. I then emailed them as a wav file to him using his gmail, and he spliced our two parts together and uploaded it to Soundcloud for me to access. Enjoy!


I used freesound for all of my music and effects. I started with a base, the creepy music. From there, I started seeing which words took me to which sounds and built up from there. I decided to go with a stalker scene (plus I love the show Stalkers). I’ve been exploring more with Audacity, such as using the effects reverberate, and echo, and I mess around with tempo and pitch. I’m hoping we use this as and advertisement for something in our radio show (I’m in the Most Wanted group)


Leave It To Who?

I used Audacity and found the Leave it to Beaver theme song, and then searched for some creepy music to infuse into it.I did this because, up until now, I’ve made Delilah seem picture perfect. But I used dark music because there’s a dark side Delilah’s been carrying with her since she left her gypsy clan.