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Highlight Reels

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post (Marilyn Montage) I’m  a HUGE fan of Marilyn Monroe. I can relate to her in so many ways, like how she felt she had to sell herself to get recognized. I took scenes from “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend”, “Monkey Business”, and “How to Marry a Millionaire”. Per usual, I used iMovie and 4K dowloader.

Nightmares (3 stars)

So for another of my 15 stars, I chose to do the audio to visual assignment. Well I searched through Abigail Deaconson’s blog to find if I liked any of the work she did. Well I found something she calls Creep… and it peaked my interest so I clicked on it. Well after listening to it, it made my spine tingle and the task on hand was to pt it to something visual. Well something that’s ALWAYS creeped me out has been the bear from the Snuggle fabric softener commercials. IT’S NOT OKAY! That bear is just intrusive and so sickeningly sweet he must be hiding something.

I used, again the 4K video down loader and iMovie to make my stuff. I downloaded the audio and it took two different Snuggle commercials to fill the audio track, so the bears are different colors, which bugs me. But overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out :)

Wow, I’m insecure…

I had my interview today with Professor Burtis. And man, those questions were probing. I ended up feeling very insecure (But that’s a personal problem. I have low self-esteem). My favorite question was probably the blender question. And talking about my favorite dish made me hungry, so shortly after the interview, I made me some shrimp and macaroni :)

I downloaded everything to the 4K video down-loader and edited and spliced everything into one whole video. I used the camera on my computer to record, and it was amazing, it kept all of my recorded videos in order. What I did was I listened to the question, paused it and switched to my computer camera and hit record. I would then hit the “import media” button in iMovie and uploaded the recently recorded video. I went through that process for all ten questions and after I did that I multi-spliced the videos and made them cohesive. I chose to do Burtis’s questions because she’s my professor for this class so.

Psychotic Notebook (5 stars)

So. There’s a reason I chose the profession I did (it was revealed in the radio show). If you were to read my diary, you wouldn’t find the Notebook as my story. In fact, that movie repulses me. My reality was the movie psycho, hence why I joined the two. My first relationship was unhealthy and immature (I was only 15 at the time. He was 20….) and he wasn’t so nice of a guy. Also, I discovered I was a control freak… so I no longer have serious relationships. You need to have watched both movies to appreciate all the plot twists I created, and think of this as a movie trailer. I also like to imagine what would’ve happened if Nicholas Sparks and Alfred Hitchcock collaborated on a film.

Well, I felt quite like a genius creating this film, I must say. I took a different approach and started with a movie that I hated (which was The Notebook) and thought of a movie on the total opposite end of the spectrum ( the film Psycho). I decided to use the trailers from each movie because I trusted the trailers to highlight the important scenes I needed for the new story. After watching each trailer a couple of times, I started making abstract connections. There are some scenes I mashed together where the music lines up almost perfectly, and it took some practice splicing up the scenes to have just enough information to keep the flow, but not so much that it gets confusing. Oh, and I used iMovie by the way (something I highly recommend), with the 4K video down-loader.  The multi-splice tool was like a God-send for this project.


Most Wanted (2 1/2 stars)

wanted poster


For our other collaborative assignment we did the “Most Wanted” assignment. Lilah and Rex have been partners in crime, except this time, Rex and Lilah got caught, at least Rex did. And now the word is out and Rex is in trouble. Lilah sees this and splits, waning to save her own skin.

I found this poster template off of Google, and uploaded it to Pixlr. We used twitter to communicate, and Patrick found the picture and emailed it to me to use for the poster. So apparently that’s what Rex looks like. The place for the picture in the poster didn’t fit with the picture I was given, so I used the clone stamp tool to recreate the pattern on the poster and age the writing to blend in with the rest of the poster. I then emailed it to Patrick for him to use in his post.

Who Called (4 stars)


So for one of our collaborative assignments, me and Patrick chose to do the “Who Called? assignment.  My character was a prostitute, and is needy, and his character is macho and sleezy, so we decided that the interaction that most made sense is to make them in an unhealthy relationship. It’s obvious how unhealthy is is in this phone call. We used Google docs,Twitter, Audacity, and Soundcloud as our means for accomplishing this feat. We made the script using Google Docs, and then I recorded my half of the phone call in one long recording through Audacity. I then emailed them as a wav file to him using his gmail, and he spliced our two parts together and uploaded it to Soundcloud for me to access. Enjoy!

Post Card Assignment (4 1/2 stars) (1)


So the assignment here was to find an existing post card/card/note and create your own story surrounding it. This card was discovered by this guy who found it in his Grandmothers belongings. It was a cryptic letter that’s taken him 20 years to figure out the pattern. The pattern is that she uses the first letter of every word, which is a challenge to decipher because there are so many different words that the letters could stand for. Well this is my interpretation of one of the sentences for my character Delilah and Patrick’s character Rex.

Please don’t go. Never has beauty or brains vexed, plagued, nor shook; never has a nightingale avenged originality.

So basically, building off of our other assignments, Delilah was threatening to leave Rex, and it stressed him out. Rex journals about his feelings and thoughts, but he’s a private man so he codes them. Delilah found this page ripped out and thrown in his trashcan, and she’s trying to decipher what it says.

I found this letter by typing in “old mysterious letters” in the Google search engine, and hitting images. To find out the back story, I clicked on the link next to the picture. I then took the picture and put it in this post :) The hard part was creating the sentence to make the letter unique to Rex and Lilah. It was HARD, and that was only one sentence. I can’t imagine trying to do the whole letter