Psychotic Notebook (5 stars)

So. There’s a reason I chose the profession I did (it was revealed in the radio show). If you were to read my diary, you wouldn’t find the Notebook as my story. In fact, that movie repulses me. My reality was the movie psycho, hence why I joined the two. My first relationship was unhealthy and immature (I was only 15 at the time. He was 20….) and he wasn’t so nice of a guy. Also, I discovered I was a control freak… so I no longer have serious relationships. You need to have watched both movies to appreciate all the plot twists I created, and think of this as a movie trailer. I also like to imagine what would’ve happened if Nicholas Sparks and Alfred Hitchcock collaborated on a film.

Well, I felt quite like a genius creating this film, I must say. I took a different approach and started with a movie that I hated (which was The Notebook) and thought of a movie on the total opposite end of the spectrum ( the film Psycho). I decided to use the trailers from each movie because I trusted the trailers to highlight the important scenes I needed for the new story. After watching each trailer a couple of times, I started making abstract connections. There are some scenes I mashed together where the music lines up almost perfectly, and it took some practice splicing up the scenes to have just enough information to keep the flow, but not so much that it gets confusing. Oh, and I used iMovie by the way (something I highly recommend), with the 4K video down-loader.  The multi-splice tool was like a God-send for this project.


2 thoughts on “Psychotic Notebook (5 stars)”

  1. This was a great production. Very nice work and a smooth ending – I love the movie The Notebook LOL – no idea what I will think of when I watch it next time!

  2. I like the creepy romance plot going on here. It actually made sense in a way, especially when Allie’s parents are saying “He isn’t the one for you.” The clips were edited together well and it came across as cohesive. I especially liked how it went to the shower scene of “Psycho” as the line goes “Something inside Noah sparked.” I expected something to happen there, but it was still highly effective. Great job!

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