Leave It To Who?

I used Audacity and found the Leave it to Beaver theme song, and then searched freesound.com for some creepy music to infuse into it.I did this because, up until now, I’ve made Delilah seem picture perfect. But I used dark music because there’s a dark side Delilah’s been carrying with her since she left her gypsy clan.


5 thoughts on “Leave It To Who?”

  1. Wow! I like how it faded from happy/ cheerful to creepy, and quick too. Definitely got a strange vibe from it. I also like how at the end you came back with the leave it to beaver theme.

  2. When it first started I felt so happy then as it went on everything turned dark and mysterious and I like that a lot. The transition was very smooth and the choices of music definitely put me in two different feelings. Great job!

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