I’ve broken out of my shell! Commenting has always been intimidating because you really put yourself out there, and your opinions on display. But I did it anyways!


Schizophrenic… Sorta

PicMonkey Collage


My other daily create I’ve completed is the different sides of yourself Daily Create. My friend is an aspiring photographer, so one snow day we were bored so she gave me a mo hawk and did a photo shoot. The other one, the same friend and I were bored so we went to the mall and tried on dresses we wouldn’t normally pick out. I believe these do contrast each other, but I believe personalities are multi-dimensional, so I do have a part of these sides in me

Coffee Break



So for the highlight of my week, I chose to do something that daily lights up my day. Coffee. I wanted to sketch a bunch of gift cards but I couldn’t decide how to creatively do it. So I decided on coffee. I used Paint to create this….. unique cup of coffee. I used the marker tool and paint tool together. Then I used a circle shape with brown filling to create the “coffee”

Weekly Summary

So. Even though we had three Daily Creates¬†and Ten Comments, and Radio Show Progress, my week was still pretty packed. We had our RADIO SHOW!! we called ours Dinner at 6:00 o’clock

We had last minute updating that had to happen, and it didn’t happen till, like 11:00 so that’s why I’m a little later than usual with this. I never realized how much had to be put into a radio show. Oh, and my Twitter like, blew up. But all in all, we did good I think.

Dinner at 6:00 o’clock: Radio Show

We had a bumpy road to get to this radio show completed. It tried on many faces and had went through lots of plot transformations. I wrote basically the entire dialogue and plot, Amanda made the sound effects, Patrick did a majority of the editing, and everyone else contributed their voices, radio bumpers, and commercials. Google doc was a life saver, because everyone had different schedules. A few of us would be typing and editing the scripts, all while recording the lines of the peoples characters that were there, and we highlighted the lines that still needed recording in red. The people who weren’t present recorded their lines and put the link onto the Google Doc so the editor could splice them into the show. The convergence center became our haven, and Pizza Hut fueled our creative juices. It was interesting to see how our characters developed along with the plot.




The Daily Create was to take a picture of your foot on something. I thought immediately about putting my foot on someones head. It reminded me of someone conquering their foe, which is funny because I’m like 5”2′ and weigh 110Ib soaking wet, and the person in this picture is 6”2′ 150Ibs. So yeah, irony.