Third Nut In A Nutshell

Photography. Especially with story telling, it’s a confusing subject cause there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do photography. There are definitely good and bad photographs, but the WAY to do things isn’t wrong. In our readings about photography, we had to write down our thoughts about them. One thing that stood out to me from the readings was the story behind the Great Depression picture. It’s weird to think about what would’ve happened if she never took the picture…

The next step was to watch Noir films and capture the elements of Noir we spotted in them. I watched Killers Kiss and Chinatown. I immensely enjoyed Chinatown, and plan to watch it again sometime.

The photo safari was a good outlet of creativity (I called my photo safari Safari murder). I turned my picture series into a story, capturing the odd angles, stark contrast, and tense moments in Noir. I even had a Noir cat…

The three Daily Creates I chose to do were Giraffe addiction, COFFEE!!, and droodle. When I say Giraffe addiction, I mean it became an ADDICTION. I literally couldn’t stop playing (my high score was somewhere over 6,000)

I started this weeks Visual Assignments with something fun called Bae… I think… well I had fun finding celebrity couples and settled on John Lennon and his Asian girlfriend. I can never remember her name. I chose to challenge myself this week and do a panoramic picture to make an etherial world. I called mine Delilah in Wonderworld, and dedicated it to my character Delilah. The other one I made for Delilah was called Delilah’s Messengerbag. I emptied my bag and took a picture. The stories I told behind the items were a combination of true stories and embellished stories (but mostly true). for my final one, I went back to the basics and made That’s Sketch…. In total I think I have 11 stars if I did my math right

But overall, I’d say this was a pretty laid back week. Looking more into photography is very interesting and very useful for digital storytelling.

Safari murder

One quiet day in a small town, 10937566_875250945830974_245136746_n

There was a knock on the door of the smallest house, with the loneliest woman 10443963_875250975830971_856595434_n

Slightly intrigued, she looked out her window. And felt her heart flutter.10965729_875250805830988_61721572_n (1)

She beckoned him in, and they talked for a while. She felt her smile grow larger and larger. The teapot boiling, she went to shush it. And came back to a frightening scene.10953894_875250882497647_189396849_n

Blood rushing she ran up the stairs10313871_875250995830969_82084523_n

But her luck no longer held out. She should’ve been frightened, but loved the surge. She died a happy woman. But her cat, the only witness, held the moral reserve to hide under the bed and fear from afar…10968243_875250899164312_343746090_n