Mid-Week Radio Show Progress

So. Big news, my group decided to change our idea completely. Mainly because we have a time-traveling character, and the original idea we just couldn’t make work. So we’re now doing my original idea…… a Clue! radio show!! It’s based off of Clue the movie,with all of our characters being blackmailed etc, etc. Obviously we put our own twists on it, but I’m excited. I know another group is also doing Clue, but the plot fit best with all our characters, and we had a couple HUGE fans of the movie, so we hope this won’t be an issue. Cause once we changed the story, we got the general dialogue done in one siting, along with where we’re placing commercial breaks. I suggested making most of the dialogue improvisation because It’ll flow more naturally and save us some time. Another member of our group loves working with sounds, and has a great radio voice, so she volunteered to make the sound effects and bumpers. We still don’t know how to fit the time traveling part of the one persons character into our story, so I believe that’ll be our biggest challenge. My other group members (the ones I’ve met at least) have been awesome. Everyone’s easy-going, and contributes great ideas and solutions to the project. We’ll be doing our last recording on Saturday, and I’m ready to see what comes out of it :)

Week 6 Summary

I started my week off with a healthy dose of Audio Assignments. I started by working on Leave It To Who? in lieu of my character Delilah Valentine. It took me forever to find a free download for the theme music, but I did eventually find it. I wouldn’t recommend the site however, cause it gave a virus to my computer. Any ways, were I was going with that, was that so far, I’ve been making Delilah seem picture perfect but, like everyone, she has a dark side. So I incorporated that into the theme music by using the fade in, fade out, and silence tools. Oh, and I won’t forget the amplify tool. My other project I did was Creep. This one was my favorite project to work on. I actually had no idea where to start, so I just found ominous background music. I then took it down the stalker road and tidied it up with some screams and heavy breathing. I finished off my stars with Evil Kitty Soundtrack. This one was more of a fun one, and I got inspired my an old-fashioned ringtone. It sounded like a bomb, or an intense scene. When choosing the picture for Soundcloud, it reminded me of a Daily Create I did called Evil Kitty. I pictured this ringtone becoming the sound effects for the explosion and keyboard.

This week, we had to  comment on 10 people’s blogs. I did and have the link here. The mistake I made with this was not keeping track of whose blog I posted on, so when it came time to put the links in a post, I had to tediously sift through a bunch of comments and posts, but I did it :)

I tweeted along to the radioshow Red Wine and the Ripper, or something like that. One of my tweets was favorited :)

Now for our radioshow, we got into our groups on Wednesday. Our group calls themselves the Most Wanted.  We planned a group meeting for the weekend, but it was so last minute that I couldn’t make it. I still got the meeting through a recording they did, and got the radio show progress. You can listen to the group meeting though a link posted on my radio show progress post. But have no fear, we’re scheduling at least one more meeting, and I can make it so I’ll be officially caught up.

I’m super excited for this radio show, and I’m also super excited to be the narrator :) That’s all!

Before and After

735056_515208118501927_281696954_nI found this picture I uploaded a year or two ago. The picture on the left is of me in 8th grade and the one on the right is of me in my Senior year of high school. I’m using this as my Daily Create because of the irony. The Daily Create was to take a before and after image  to show the changes. Well this is a before and after picture that presents no change…

Radio Show Poster

wanted posterI chose a most wanted poster with a mirror in the place the picture usually is placed. Not only do I not want to spoil the plot, I mainly did it so you see yourself, implying that you’d be next. I used pixlr, and got a most wanted poster template off of Google, and then messed around with the photoshop to create a mirror surface. To do that, you use a gradient tool and get the colors, use white and grey white. Then you take the brush tool and enlarge it, bring down it’s opacity to about 14, make sure it’s set to blurred edges, and go click my click to make a reflection. I then opened up my frame and unlocked the background and then used the wand tool to select the center of the frame and then the surrounding background. After selecting I used the erase tool and the wand tool allowed me to erase everything except for the frame. I then cut and pasted and custom fit the frame to the existing square. Then wa-la!

Show Progress

We formed our group (Most Wanted) an early Wednesday morning. We communicated using Twitter, and somewhat email. We talked all Thursday about meeting and decided on Saturday at UMW campus at like, 12:30. Unfortunately the day and time didn’t match up with my schedule, so I was debriefed later that day. The plot, I gathered, was based off of the Killers Kiss. My character, Delilah Valentine, gets killed off within the first 5 minutes, so I become the narrator. A different character is getting hunted, so they’re the “most wanted”, and there’s a lot of death. They uploaded the meeting to soundcloud to listen to, so if my summary wasn’t clear or detailed enough, you can listen to the meeting yourself here. We scheduled another meeting for next Wednesday, and I’ve been emailing work so everything’s coming together.


I used freesound for all of my music and effects. I started with a base, the creepy music. From there, I started seeing which words took me to which sounds and built up from there. I decided to go with a stalker scene (plus I love the show Stalkers). I’ve been exploring more with Audacity, such as using the effects reverberate, and echo, and I mess around with tempo and pitch. I’m hoping we use this as and advertisement for something in our radio show (I’m in the Most Wanted group)