Noir storytelling

I chose for my movies, China town and Killers Kiss. In Killers Kiss, the most reoccurring Noir element was the lightingkillerskiss killerskiss2


A lot of the scenes had lighting as seen above. Drastic shadows (on the right), and limited light (on left).This type of lighting leaves a ton to the imagination, and contrast is naturally appealing to the eye.


A similar theme was seen in Chinatown, although the Noir elements are less obvious in this movie. I the very beginning, the P.I made a reference to “Venetian blinds”. Which I though was pretty clever of them


Delilah’s messengerbag



Essentials for Delilah’s life are identified as followed. Her clutch, EOS, gum, collection of lotions, Moroccan Oil for her hair, a bottle of Advil, and her inhaler. Each item has a story. Her clutch was bought for her by her boyfriend on their first vacation, cause she was going over-seas and needed something small and compact. That’s also where her EOS and various lotions came from, when her and her boyfriend had Christmas together, those were the stocking stuffers. The Moroccan Oil came from her best friend who was clearing her room to move to Alaska (she also needs it for her infamously unruly hair). The inhaler she’s needed since she was about 14, when she finally had access to a doctor and was diagnosed with Asthma. She’s basically grown out if it, but that inhaler saved her life a couple of times, so she still keeps it around. The Advil, well when she was going in to get her GED, she had some Advil on her and they confiscated it and almost kicked her off the school premise. She kept bringing it anyways, just hiding it better, and so she got in the habit of always having it on her. It reminds her, in her adult years of her little acts of rebellion as a teenager, and she looks back with fondness. Now for the bag its self. The wife of the man who owned the ranch she worked at, nicknamed Stormy, did a ton of missions work in Africa. Stormy established a library in an underdeveloped town, and had partnered with a local out reach. This out reach started a program that taught the families to make handbags, and various other trinkets, and sell them as a small income, instead of living in and accepting their poverty. Well Stormy got permission to bring back some bags, accessories, and trinkets and sell them in America. The funding’s would be funneled back to the program and families. And that’s Delilah


I’m not one for selfies. And the wave of budding “photographers” from my generation hasn’t made me want to join the movement. But I have always had respect for professionals. People who are seriously passionate for it and are doing it to make a difference or capture beauty, not jut for a self-absorbed reason. I’ve tagged along with one of my friends (a “budding” photographer) as she’s done photo shoots, and when she would let me have my hands on her expensive camera, I’d feel a charge. But that’s my limited experience with photo taking.


Looking through National Geographic, and photos people feel are most iconic, I noticed some trending elements. Movement, authenticity, and always ALWAYS a story. The photographer is trying to capture the story behind the person, animal, building etc. in the most candid way possible. Now there’s design principle to keep in mind, like placement within the frame, contrasting colors, the right background. And technical stuff, like different settings on the camera for different lighting, diffusers, and extremely complicated editing equipment. But none of that makes a good picture. A little test is if you look at a picture and connect with the subject, feel a strong emotion (be it amazement, awe, or anger), and to look at it for more than 5 seconds, then generally you have a solid picture.



Delilah in Wonder World

UntitledDelilah’s favorite story to read as a preteen into teenage years was Alice in Wonderland. The story appealed to her because Alice and her were in similar situations. They both were thrown into new world and both had a monster to slay (although at the time, Delilah would much rather slay a Jabberwocky than study). I’m imagining Delilah imagining her own rabbit hole to fall into, and I like to think this is what she’d imagine.